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Personnel Pool


Personnel Pool

No matter how modern an industry or company is – it is always the individual employees who secure long-term success. The workforce potential of a business location is an additional trump.

In this sense, Leipzig has a lot to offer: Some 38,600 young persons are currently studying at the University of Leipzig, five additional colleges and a university of applied sciences.

There are more than 5,000 students registered in biotechnology relevant fields.

The research focuses at the University of Leipzig include biomedicine, bioinformatics, molecular biotechnology and molecular bioengineering. Nine medical training colleges and three medically-oriented professional schools with a total of some 2,400 students form a pool for the next generation of medical and technical personnel.

The advantages of university education in Saxony: The best and the brightest study here. There is intensive mentoring, particularly in the natural sciences. Comparatively speaking, Saxony has more professors available for the students than any other state. This allows a course study to be complete up to two years faster with a more intensive education.

The medical faculty of the University of Leipzig enjoys a strong international reputation. More than 1,000 doctors and scientists work at the university clinic there alone. These are ideal conditions to secure the education of a qualified next generation of employees for years to come.
Your partner for success in the BIO CITY LEIPZIG: Six biotechnology professors and research groups work together with young companies.

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