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Investor Information


Investor Information

Biotechnology offers interesting options to investors. The prospect are good for the entire industry as well as for individual companies, if there concept is consistent.

Examples of this are the Leipzig companies VITA34 AG or the c-LEcta GmbH. These are decidedly successful companies with international references in their respective fields. This success is due to the innovative strengths and underlying dynamism which characterizes the biotechnology scene in Leipzig.

The “critical mass” of biotechnology companies creates an essential argument for financial engagement. Added to this is scientific excellence in the form of the University of Leipzig.

The university research groups in the BIO CITY LEIPZIG can and should market their results and knowledge – this provides the best prospects of success for all types of early financing.

Already boasting 60 biotechnology companies, the region of Leipzig offers a lucrative playing field for private and institutional investors. The advantages also include a strategic partnership with the city of Leipzig. One of the criteria for success is personal contacts and networks, with which you will be assisted by the BIO-NET LEIPZIG as a connoisseur and coordinator of the scene.

Your advantage: Timely positioning in one of the most interesting biotechnology locations in Germany.

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