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biosaxony is a dynamic Life Sciences Cluster in Saxony, Germany. Within the biosaxony cluster management, a Managing Director is needed to steer the strategic development and lead the operations of the network.Job Description
  • Provide information to internal & external stakeholders
  • Manage communications & interface with press
  • Support local firms in international collaborations, EU projects and others
  • Organization of events, seminars, workshops and participation in trade fairs
  • Generate impulses for collaborative projects within and beyond Saxony
  • Initiate technology transfer
  • Manage biosaxony working groups on life sciences-specific topics
  • Location: Dresden, Germany
  • Reports to Executive Board of biosaxony e.V. – the industry member organization in Saxony
Job Requirements Education
  • Academic degree (PhD or corresponding degree desirable)
  • Working experience in Life Sciences industry, technology transfer and/or cluster management
  • Understanding of Life Sciences products markets
  • Comfortable in working in an international environment
  • International (project) management experience in life sciences, health care and/or the pharmaceutical, medtech or biotech industries
  • Proven leadership capacities in life sciences, health and/or health care
  • Operating comfortably in the international public/ private arena
Attitude & Communication Skills
  • Comfortable in a dual leadership position with director business and finance
  • Cooperative, integrative and open nature + attitude
  • Acknowledges added value of multidisciplinary cooperation and acts accordingly
  • Fluent in German & English
  • Interested in developing regional clusters
Start Date & Duration
  • Starting as soon as possible in 2011
  • Initial contract will be limited to three years with the potential for extension
Contactbiosaxony e.V.
Roland Göhde
Tatzberg 47
01307 Dresden
Tel. +49 170 233 5500
Job description (pdf) 

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