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Science & Research


Science and Research at BIO CITY Leipzig

The Center for Biotechnology and Biomedicine (BBZ) of Leipzig University is located within BIO CITY LEIPZIG.

Here scientists from six faculties are doing basic and applied research, focussing on therapy and diagnostics in the fields of Biomedicine, Tissue Engineering and Molecule Design. The aim is to clinically apply research results under the motto “From Molecule to Patient“ within shorter and shorter periods.
This will not only support the development of new, marketable products, but it may also promote the spinning-off of new biotechnology companies by scientists. Moreover, it will provide attractive, innovative surroundings for existing biotechnology/biomedicine companies to move here.

The essential factor is a stimulating research atmosphere, part of which will be a certain scientific turnover that has, so far been implemented by the establishment of independent junior research groups within the university.

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